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Well, hey there, February

January 20th, 2011

I know. I know.

I should’ve resolved upon the New Year to post to this blog daily. Or at least weekly. Maybe that can be my February resolution? At any rate, I think about this place almost daily. I think about posting more letters to Evan, or updates on my novels, or no doubt fascinating dispatches from my amazing life.

I just don’t write any of that.

I want to tell Evan (and you) the story of how Laura and I became a couple, which is to me more interesting than the story of how we met. I want to post a chapter from my second (and, like the first, as yet unrepresented) novel. I want to finish my 2010 taxes, and I want to finish organizing the garage, and I want to sleep. None of that is happening right now.

For what it’s worth, I have an 8-pound, 2-ounce excuse, who is now more alert (and, so, demanding of attention) than ever. He hasn’t yet mastered the art of sleeping quietly for long periods of time, and for my part, I haven’t mastered the art of ignoring his more innocent chuffs and grunts and grumbles. Laura is fully capable of, while asleep, discerning what’s important from him and what’s not. I, on the other hand, grew up sleeping in the same room as a brother with often-violent night terrors, so apparently have reverted to that aware half-sleep during which every little sound sets off some sort of alarm.

I’m babbling. I do that a lot right now. My eyes feel constantly scratchy, and throb a little no matter how recently I got sleep.

That’ll pass, they tell me, and the Squish will sleep through the night. Until then, I hope you’ll be satisfied hearing from me in dribs and drabs.