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Home Reno-Palooza

March 16th, 2015

Near-Final Update: The tile guys finished late Sunday evening. They promised a team of three; only two ever showed, and one was hurt, so really it was down to one. That guy did what he could, and was very apologetic, but the project took a couple of days longer than planned, and in the process he bashed up some cabinets that now need to be sanded down and repainted. Photo below is from while the mortar was drying, before the floor could be mopped. Toilet and ceiling need to be caulked, and molding added to the ceiling, but that’ll have to wait until this weekend.

Another Update: It’s Friday, and I’m not in love with home reno. I finished the ceiling tiles Tuesday night, but we’re waiting for the floor tiles to be done before caulking and hanging the molding. Unfortunately, one of the floor guys got hurt, so while he did show up yesterday, he couldn’t really help the second guy. They did, though, manage to clear the bathroom floor of ugly old linoleum, wash it and apply the sealant or whatever. (They also did the same to a closet we’re re-flooring.) The tile should be down today, and then grout added tomorrow.

Update: Hanging the panels is proceeding nicely (photo below). Each is painted over twice, then spaced just a bit apart and hung once dry. It’s a slow process. My goal is to get them all painted and dry today, hang what I can and finish tomorrow.

Original post: Sharing some before and after pics as we redo the master bath. To be fair, we’ve already painted the walls and cabinets, and customized a new mirror.